Vision of DIPRO®mat GmbH

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What does DIPRO®mat do?

DIPRO®mat produces and develops high-performance TPE and ETP plastics including radiation-crosslinkable polymers for additive manufacturing as well as medium and small applications in injection molding and extrusion.

Why are we doing this?

The market for thermoplastic 3D materials needs more than just defined standard materials. The technical requirements are determined by the component.

In DIPRO®mat’s in-house technical center, ETPs, TPEs and radiation-crosslinkable materials are developed to customer demands, even for processors who, as “small customers”, have no access to the “know-how” of the raw materials industry.

Für wen machen wir das?

  • For innovative partners in the 3D industry, from machine manufacturers to industrial users
  • For medium-sized injection molding and extrusion processors who want to realize their own ideas
  • For selected chemical material manufacturers as development partner